Learn How to Buy or Lease With Poor Credit

How Mechanicsburg Motorists Can Still Buy or Lease with Bad Credit

Bad credit can cause big headaches, but it doesn't need to stop you from buying or leasing a car. Here at Platinum Mitsubishi in Mechanicsburg, we want to help our customers in the Harrisburg, PA area get behind the wheel of a vehicle that works for them and their budget. That's why we're willing and able to work with buyers who have poor credit or even no credit at all.

This isn't our first tango assisting car shoppers with poor credit. We know exactly how to help you! Visit our Mechanicsburg, PA dealership and meet our team of financial experts who are here to help you! We'd be delighted to share our expertise and discuss the best options to obtain financing for your next vehicle.

Top Ways to Finance With Poor Credit

Pennsylvania shoppers may be wondering how to acquire auto financing if they have poor credit. Consider these steps to improve your chances with financing:

  • Pay down debt to improve credit score and lower your debt-to-income ratio
  • Consider a co-signer
  • Choose a loan with a shorter term
  • Make payments on time

The more outstanding debt you have, the tougher it is to secure an auto loan, particularly one with an affordable rate. Find someone you trust in your family and friends circle to serve as a co-signer. This person must be willing to sign a contract stating if you fail to make car payments, they're liable. Loans with shorter terms are better for Chambersburg customers with poor credit. Interest rates are often substantially higher for drivers with bad credit. The fewer number of months on the loan means you'll pay less interest. Show creditors you're capable of keeping up with monthly payments by making them on time. This is one of the best ways to boost your credit score.

Why A Mitsubishi is Right For You

Compared with other brands, Mitsubishi generally has a lower price. That's what makes our new Mitsubishi cars and SUVs at Platinum Mitsubishi a top target for customers with bad credit. Consider a few of our Mitsubishi models in our new inventory that offer great value at an affordable price:

Utilize the Help of Platinum Mitsubishi's Financial Experts

Your credit score is important to determining auto loan rates because it shows lenders how trustworthy you are with borrowed money. But don't hesitate to ask for help if your credit score is below average. Platinum Mitsubishi wants to help, and we have the experience to prove it.

That's why we encourage York, PA customers with poor credit or no credit to reach out to the Platinum Mitsubishi finance center. We have a fully staffed team of financial gurus eager to discuss specifics and elaborate on how we can help ease the burdens of the auto loan process despite poor credit.

Here's what the Platinum Mitsubishi finance team does for Carlisle customers who have bad credit. First, we get to know you and your financial situation, giving us a better understanding of what works for your budget. Then we collaborate with a network of financial institutions to assemble an array of auto loans designed for car shoppers with poor credit or no credit at all. We'll present plenty of offers, ensuring at least one loan matches your budget while giving you a chance to improve your credit score.

Expedite the Auto Loan Process with These Platinum Mitsubishi Tools

Get the auto loan process jumpstarted by filling out our online finance application and utilizing our Edmunds True Market Value® trade-in form for an accurate appraisal of the vehicle you no longer need.

The next time you need a new vehicle, you'll likely have a much-improved credit score from making monthly payments. Finance your next new car at Platinum Mitsubishi. No matter your credit score, we're eager to assist your auto loan search!



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